Sunday, October 25, 2009

I've been very busy lately with the house project. For those of you that haven't red the last blog, I'll update you on what I'm doing. Doing miles and miles (it seems) of faux burl walnut on the ballistrate as well as door arches and raised panel doors, doing Italian Plaster Veniziano, copper metalo, painting a 11x14' wall mural of Renoir's "The Luncheon of the Boating Party" , a 8' ceiling dome mural, and glazing and antiquing. I will also be doing gold highlights on much of the trim and chandeliers in the house as well. This is a very ambitious project for the homeowner, the house is 12000 sq ft and is probably the most decorative house I've had the opportunity to do. Very beautiful and well planned.

I'm also doing my paintings for the galleries and doing as much plein air painting as I can fit in, teaching a couple of art classes and preparing for my upcoming plein air workshop in Charleston. The participation for the workshop is picking up and I expect to have a good turnout. The Dobbin Gallery at Church St in Charleston is sponsoring the workshop which run Nov 5th, 6th,and 7th with a beginning reception on the 4th and a wet paint and sell along with a reception on the night of the 7th. The fee for the workshop is only $325.00 with the option for the artist to leave one work of art at the gallery to be sold. This is a good opportunity for an artist to have their work shown in a Charleston gallery. You can google up Shem Creek, the Battery, and historic downtown Charleston to review the beautiful painting locations we have in store for the painters. If you or anyone you know are interested in attending the workshop you can contact me on my e-mail at or the gallery at You can contact me by phone at 256-458-1881 or Shelby Parbel at 843-579-9725.

The gallery sales are beginning to pick up after a long slow period due to the economy. A lot of the galleries have closed and most of them are really struggling. Hopefully the economy is picking up. It is just as much the artist responsibility to help the galleries out as it is for the gallery owners themselves. My thoughts on that are for the artist to do whatever it takes to help generate sales for them as well as for ourselves by either dropping the price point slightly or maybe even painting smaller and less expensive paintings. The Dobbin Gallery of Charleston sold three paintings of mine last week and I have one under consideration at the Renaissance Gallery as well, all were negotiated sales.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I guess it's about time to update everyone on what I've been doing lately. The Dobbin Gallery at Church St in Charleston S.C. had a one man show and reception for me in September.  I took fifteen new pieces down for the show. I want to thank Shelby Parbel, the new owner for her gracious reception. The show went well and Estra and I had a wonderful time. Please stop by the gallery and check out the work there, she has some wonderful artist in the gallery which I'm sure you'll enjoy.

The Dobbin Gallery of Charleston is hosting a Plein Air workshop  on November 4th thru the 7th.  I'll be the featured artist offering a couple of my plein air painting techniques. Hopefully I can offer some enlightening techniques for the novice or the professional artist participating. We will have a "meet and greet" reception at the gallery at 6:00 pm on the 4th, paint on the 5th, 6th, and 7th followed by a wet paint sale and reception that night. Each artist can select their one best painting to leave at the gallery for the gallery to sell. This is a good opportunity for you to have your work in a Charleston gallery, who knows you may even become a successful represented artist.
You get three days of instruction, cocktail party, lunch and an opportunity to show your work in the gallery for just $325.00. For more information contact me (256) 458-1881 or Shelby Parbel at or call her at (763) 228-3661 or (843) 579-9725.

Other than getting prepared for the Dobbin Gallery Plein Air Workshop, I have taken on a tremendous mural and decorative painting job in one of the most beautiful homes in our area. I'm doing a dining room mural (11'x14') an eight foot dia. ceiling dome mural, Italian plaster, faux burl walnut and antiquing / glazing. This is a 12000 sq ft home so I'll be busy there for a while as well as teaching art classes at night and painting pictures for the galleries.