Thursday, June 23, 2011

On the "FAR SIDE"

If you have ever reviewed my work you probably noticed that it is not all the same in style or medium. I guess I just paint what I feel or maybe by just the mood that I'm in on that particular day. One could definitely say that I'm not typecast as an artist, I guess I get bored with consistently doing the same type work over and over again.

You may also have read in my workshop manual the importance I place on getting into the "ZONE" when painting. I also stress the importance of learning all that you can as an artist but at the same time you must not loose your personal identity as an artist. All successful artist have their own niche and do not mimic another artist style et cetera. I do, however, from time to time enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone in my personal form of impressionism to explore new territories. I'll choose an artist whose style a like and dissect the work to try to understand his way of thinking and then apply what I've learned to my work. More often than not I discover our theories are much the same. We were both emerged into the zone and the work was more about design and delving within the boundaries of a new era of contemporary impressionism. I do this as an exercise in right brain development that helps me become more creative and painterly without being too deliberate. In other words when painting "in the zone" the knowledge just flows out, it is not a deliberate effort, I ultimately just do it my way.
I would highly suggest to any artist to step out of your comfort zone, study different styles and mediums and develop all the skills you can, but in the end do it your way

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How painting en plein air has improved my studio work.

         After many years of getting in and out of the art business I was finally able to look back and understand why I would quit the business to pursue other interest when I did. As a child and young man, my Dad and I spent many days in the outdoors either hunting whitetail deer, turkeys or fishing. I grew to love the outdoors and even when I reached  adulthood made hunting and fishing a priority. As you may also know my Dad was an artist and raised us kids to be artist as well. I spent many hours with him painting or going on art trips to take photographs or to paint on location. I never painted outdoors much after that and would contain my art work to the studio, always gazing out the window and wishing I were out hunting or fishing. As I grew more and more bored with the idea of being inside the studio would be the times that I would just quit the art business for a while. 

        I was re-introduced to painting en plein air about five years ago and soon found a way to combine being in the great outdoors with my art business. I have never been more happy and excited to be painting in my entire life. I have found that painting en plein air had also helped my studio painting tremendously. I have now learned to "SEE" as an impressionist sees and have learned to adapt so many plein air methods to my studio work. I would highly suggest any artist experience painting en plein air to further improve their knowledge and painting methods. 

       The painting "The Red Barnes of Mt View Valley" is a studio painting done from studies and photo's. The painting is 30x40 on re-painted canvas and is available fro Craig Reynolds Studio.......... $4500.00